Farming in March

We are now into mid March as I put pen to paper.

I am pleased that the weather in Ireland has improved. The previous two weeks were very wet and this forced us to bring back in the cows and Weanling heifers. Grass growth has been quite good, so we will put them out to grass again once the land dries out a bit more.

Having started in early February, calving is well underway on most spring calving dairy farms (more than 70% are now calved). There is a lot of confidence in dairy farming at the moment. The increasing milk price is obviously a major factor. We are seeing a lot of new entrants to dairy farming as farmers exit from low profit enterprises such as beef, sheep and tillage farming. I know of five new dairy set ups in our local area just this spring.

The price of dairy heifers has increased by an average of around €200 euro per head over the past year. This equates to an increase of about 15%. Other price rises have been seen in the land rental market with grass land making €200/€250 euros per acre (over an 11 month period).

I’ll be back to give you further updates and insights from our farm soon. If you are interested in buying dairy or beef cattle, please get in touch.

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