April update

The month of April was very good for grass growth with excellent grazing conditions for the time of year. The dry conditions certainly made utilising the grass quite easy.
Cows are milking very well off grass at the moment and the milk price is good. Confidence is at a two year high due to the weather and milk price.
Mating has just started. We will synchronise the heifers for artificial insemination and then let out a fleet of Angus bulls to mop up anything that we may have missed.
Providing the nitrogen levels are low enough (so as not to interfere with the preservation of the silage) we hope to take our first cut of grass silage next week. We will not use any silage additive as it is quite an extra cost, but will turn out the grass once and wilt for 24 hours. It will then be picked up with a silage wagon and ensiled.
While grazing conditions are so good, dairy cow prices are holding very strong. Indeed, compared to two years ago, cows are up by €200 a head.

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