June farming news

As I write this blog, we are now in the last week of June and one year into Brexit. It has been a terrific month for us as farmers.

The weather has been great with some record breaking temperatures. The milk price has been moving in the right direction giving added confidence to the dairy sector.

Beef prices have also been holding up very well – the recent dip in prices is to be expected. At this time of year farmers start to offload cull cows before the onset of summer mastitis.

Dairy cow prices have been buoyant in 2017 as dairy farmers make the most of the good milk price in this excellent grass growing weather. In general, dairy cow prices are €100/€150 up on this time last year.

Changing times

We now have a large number of beef and tillage farmers thinking strongly of changing their enterprise to dairy farming.

During the first half of this year we have sourced a great deal of dairy stock in Ireland and Europe for an array of new dairy entrants. We are now forward buying high quality in calf heifers (to calve in the spring of 2018) for new dairy entrants who are worried that there may be a shortage of dairy stock due to unprecedented demand.

Farming news

Despite our extensive range of contacts we are now finding it a little harder to source high EBI Jersey crosses and Irish grazing type stock. Farmers that have them are inclined to hold on to them in the hope of expanding their own dairy enterprises next year.

We have seen a lot of unexpected outcomes this month in the UK political scene; the rise in support for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and the lack of expected support for Theresa May and the Conservative Party. Early reports from the Brexit negotiations coupled with the uncertain political landscape have led to sterling losing value. Soft Brexit, hard Brexit, no Brexit? Only time will tell.

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