Transporting cattle by scow

During the past three decades, we have racked up the miles transporting cattle to farms all over the world. Usually, it’s our state-of-the-art lorries and experienced drivers that do the job.

In some unusual circumstances – such as our delivery of Chianina cattle to the United Arab Emirates –  it can be necessary to use a plane. The key is to keep the livestock as calm as possible and ensure that they are subjected to the minimum amount of stress.

transporting cattle

Transporting cattle in Holland

On a recent trip to Holland, I enjoyed watching some cattle being transported by boat. Canals have been used there to transport all manner of goods since the 1600s. Many canals were formed from existing ditches.

Transporting cattle by scow

In Holland, transporting cattle by scow (a flat-bottomed rectangular hull with sloping ends) isn’t unusual. Due to the weight of the cargo this scow has a motor, but some are rowed, punted or have a sail. It seems a very serene way to get from one pasture or farm to another. These animals were certainly very calm.

I wonder if they are required to carry any cattle transportation documentation on them…

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