Fleckvieh cattle

Fleckvieh cattle (also known as Simmental) are just one of the breeds that David Clarke Livestock has a strong tradition of sourcing. We have been successfully supplying Fleckvieh cattle since 1994.

Fleckvieh cattle for sale

Fleckvieh cattle facts

Dairy Fleckvieh are versatile animals that can suit any system. The breed has high milk solid percentage, strong beefing ability and very good docility. These traits have enabled the Fleckvieh to become one of the most numerous dairy breeds in the world. They are truly a world-renowned breed which has been globally adapted all across Europe. Fleckvieh cattle also thrive in America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America.

Over the years, David Clarke Livestock has supplied many successful farms in Ireland with Fleckvieh cattle. The breed consistently receives praise for its adaptability, calving ease, docility, high milk yields, high milk solids and longevity. The dual purpose element of the Fleckvieh only adds its prolificacy.

David Clarke Livestock is able to source top quality Fleckvieh cattle from a large variety of farms all across Europe.

Fleckvieh cattle for sale

The Fleckvieh is the breed that gives it all. Indeed, with recent gains in the genetic milk productiveness of the Fleckvieh, the breed now rivals pure milk producing dairy breeds. Fleckvieh cattle also exhibit good development and performance capacity along with good conformation.


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See how we sourced pedigree Fleckvieh dairy cows for a farm in Ireland.

Customers really appreciate our transportation service. All livestock journeys are veterinary inspected before departure and our drivers are very experienced and well-trained. The lorries are well equipped, so livestock are subjected to as little stress as possible.

Fleckvieh cattle for sale and much more

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