Galloway cattle for sale

Galloway cattle are one of the oldest and purest breeds. Named after the Galloway region of Scotland, for centuries this ancient breed went unnamed – only being referred to as the black cattle of Galloway.

The breed dates back to the 17th century. Then, Galloway cattle were sold extensively to English farmers who used to fatten them up before sending them to market. Their flavoursome beef is still in great demand today and Galloway cattle can now be found all over the world.

This is an extremely hardy breed, able to live off the poorest land. The Galloway is renowned for its insulating coat of hair. Indeed, tests show that the Galloway ranks second to the buffalo in hair density! This incredible insulation means the Galloway does not layer on excessive outside fat.

Galloway cattle for sale

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Galloway cattle – Characteristics

Galloway cattle are mainly black with a brownish tinge. They are also bred in dun and black or dun belted. Their coats are long and wavy. The outer layer protects from wind and rain while the soft undercoat provides further waterproofing and insulation. The breed is polled or hornless.  

Galloway are a medium sized breed. Cows reach around 560 kilos in weight, mature bulls around 820 kilos. Calf birth weights average 35 kilos and the breed is known for its easy calving.

Steers and heifers yield high quality beef on low finishing rations. The beef is low in saturated fat and high in both Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Galloway cattle are renowned for their longevity. Cows can produce for more than 20 years. They are maternal and produce a good supply of milk.

Excellent foragers, the breed consumes a huge variety of flora. Galloway cattle can fit into any system. Cows can thrive on low cost winter rations and rough grazing in summer. The breed is docile and courageous. Galloway cattle are known to team up to attack predators.

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Galloway cattle for sale and much more 

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