Irish Moiled cattle

Irish Moiled cattle are a rare and distinctive breed (and the only surviving domestic livestock native to Northern Ireland). Originally used as a dairy animal, today, Irish Moiled cattle are a true dual purpose breed. They are renowned for producing both high quality milk and beef from poor quality grazing. 

At one stage in the 1970s, it appeared as if Irish Moiled cattle would die out. Then, the breed had been reduced to a little more than two dozen animals that could be found on just two farms in Northern Ireland.

However, the revival of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society alongside encouragement from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and guidance from Liverpool University helped the breed to survive. A breed conservation strategy was also launched to help maintain the genetic base. Today, there are over 40 breeders of Irish Moiled cattle. They are located in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and here in Southern Ireland.

Irish Moiled cattle – Characteristics

The breed gets its name from the Gaelic language and refers to the distinctive mound on the top of the head. They are red and are marked by a white line on their backs. The breed is naturally polled.  

Irish Moiled cattle for sale

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Cows milk well. Milk yields of up to 5,000 litres are being recorded on extensive systems.

When used in beef production, steers can produce carcass weights of around 240 kg at between 20 and 24 months. The beef is very good quality and its distinctive flavour has certainly found favour here in Ireland.

Irish Moiled cattle are a medium sized breed. Cows can reach around 650 kilos in weight, mature bulls around 800 kilos. The breed is known for its easy calving.

Irish Moiled cattle are also renowned for their longevity. They breed regularly for at least 10 years and can produce a calf every 12 months. Irish Moiled cattle are hardy (they grow a thick coat in winter) and are at home on most terrains. They are also able to digest large quantities of poorer quality forage.

Please be aware that the breed is small in number and therefore not easy to source. If you are interested in purchasing Irish Moiled cattle, please get in touch.

Irish Moiled cattle and much more 

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