Dairy cows for sale

Our speciality is dairy cows for sale. David Clarke Livestock has been successfully sourcing and transporting high quality dairy cows for 30 years.

The friendly and experienced team here help to manage the entire cattle buying process. Our staff can assist every step of the way, from initial selection to delivery in pristine condition. This service has proved to be incredibly popular with the farming community. We are now Ireland’s largest exporter of dairy cattle to the UK.

Dairy cows for sale             Dairy cows for sale


Our aim is to ensure buyers see the best dairy cows for sale. Ireland has a great reputation for producing healthy, durable and versatile livestock. Our service includes trips and transportation to farms to view the livestock available. Suitable hotel accommodation can also be arranged.

Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us, so all livestock journeys are veterinary inspected before departure. Equally importantly, all our drivers are well trained and the lorries very well equipped. Livestock are subjected to the minimum amount of stress.

We source quality Holstein Dairy and Beef breeds throughout EuropeFor more information check out our video:

Dairy cows for sale – International exportation

International buyers often select Ireland when seeking dairy cows for sale. Its disease free status, competitively priced livestock and choice of pedigree herds make it hard to beat.

David Clarke Livestock has forged strong links with establishments in the UK, France, Holland, Germany and Austria. State of the art transportation coupled with our highly experienced drivers enables the safe delivery of livestock to countries as far afield as Russia. Wherever you wish to buy, please contact us for a quote.

Find out more about our excellent transportation methods in the videos below.


Pedigree, commercial or crossbred livestock can all be supplied directly to your farm. If you are seeking dairy cows for sale please call 353 (87)2576434.

Wherever you wish to buy contact us for a quote.

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