Dairy Cattle Export

Cows.ie offer transportation services globally by:                       

  • Land
  • Sea
  • Air

Dairy cattle export

Over the past 30 years, David Clarke Livestock has racked up the miles transporting cattle to farms all over Ireland and across Europe. Usually, it’s our modern fleet of lorries and highly experienced drivers that do the job.

In some cases – such as our deliveries of Chianina cattle to the United Arab Emirates – it can be necessary to use a plane. The key is to keep the livestock as calm as possible and ensure that they are subjected to the minimum amount of stress.

Cattle transportation

Animal welfare is a top priority for us, so livestock is always very well looked after during transit. Our trucks are EU approved and all our drivers are fully trained and certified in the movement and needs of the livestock. Our procedures meet all Department of Agriculture rules and requirements.

David Clarke Livestock source and supply various breeds of dairy, beef and dual purpose cattle. If you require require livestock, please contact our friendly team.