Brown Swiss

The Brown Swiss or American Brown Swiss is an American breed of dairy cattle. Brown Swiss cattle derive from the traditional triple-purpose Braunvieh ("Swiss Brown") of the Alpine region of Europe. Today's Brown Swiss has diverged substantially from the Braunvieh.

Brown Swiss cattle - Milk production

The Brown Swiss was selectively bred for dairy qualities only, so its draft and beef capabilities have been lost. The milk has around 4% butterfat and 3.5% protein. It is suitable for making cheese.

A very popular breed 

In the twentieth century the Brown Swiss became a world breed. The world population of Brown Swiss is estimated at over 14 million making it the second largest dairy breed. The Brown Swiss has been much used for cross-breeding and has influenced a number of modern breeds.

In English "Swiss Brown" refers to the original Braunvieh breed, as opposed to "Brown Swiss" for the American breed.

Brown Swiss cattle - Characteristics

The breed is light brown with a white muzzle. Brown Swiss cattle have many positive traits. They are adaptable, good breeders, hardy and can live many years. While late maturing, cows can still produce at 12-15 years of age and have a docile temperament.

Brown Swiss are often crossed with other dairy and beef breeds helping to improve production and strength.

Brown Swiss cattle for sale and other breeds

David Clarke Livestock supply and deliver Brown Swiss cattle to farms across Europe. Other breeds of dairy and dual purpose cattle are also sourced and supplied. These include British Friesian, Jersey, Fleckvieh and Holstein.

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