Fact - Cows love Guinness !

 Tue, 23rd Aug, 2022

Brewer's Grain

Fact - Cows love Guinness !

Over the last few days we have been ensiling Brewers grains (a by-product from distilling whiskey and beer) from St. James’s Gate in Dublin.

We mixed it with another food waste product called soya hulls. The soya hulls are a by product from soya beans .

We use the soya hulls to help soak up the liquid from the brewers grains and capture the goodness in it.

We mix the soya hulls in our Keenan feeder wagon at the rate of 5 to 1.

That is 5 tons of brewers grains to 1 ton of soya hulls.

It has been demonstrated that there are advantages of using the soya hulls as an energy source for cattle and as a replacement for corn, provided they are mixed together with other effective fiber sources.

The soya hull /brewers grains mix will be fed during the winter period as part of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR).

The complete diet for our fresh calved and steal cows will be;

Diet Name:  Fresh Cows Stales

Feeding Plan Winter 22 Winter 22
Grass Silage NT 26.000 26.000
Maize Silage NT 14.000 6.000
Straw Wheat 0.500 0.500
18% Parlour 3.000 1.000
24% Dairy Blend 4.000 3.000
Brew Hulls Mix 10.000 8.000


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