Achieving high milk production. Mastitis: The big enemy of the dairy farmer

 Tue, 7th Mar, 2023

Why it's important to treat mastitis in cattle 
Mastitis in cattle can have significant economic consequences for farmers. Some of the economic losses associated with mastitis in dairy cows include:

  • Reduced milk production and quality. Mastitis can cause a decrease in milk yield and changes in milk composition and quality. Poor milk quality due to mastitis can lead to lower milk prices. Milk buyers may reject milk with high somatic cell counts.
  • Increased veterinary costs. Treating mastitis often involves the use of antibiotics and veterinary services. The cost of these can impact on the profitability of a farm.
  • The need to cull. Mastitis can lead to the culling of cows. This obviously reduces the herd size and leads to the loss of genetic potential and the need to replace the culled cow.
  • A decrease in fertility. Mastitis can impact cow fertility. This leads to increased insemination costs and a longer calving interval.

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