Our Autumn calved cows ejoying their TMR

 Wed, 1st Mar, 2023

Our Autumn calved cows ejoying their TMR

TMR is a mixture of different feed ingredients, including silage, haylage, grains, and protein supplements. 

The cows are happily consuming the TMR, which is carefully prepared (usually by the farmer or a nutritionist) to provide a balanced and complete diet for the them.

Having a good balance in the feeding of cows is crucial for their health, productivity, and overall well-being. A well-balanced diet provides the cows with the necessary nutrients, energy, and fiber to support their growth, reproduction, and milk production. 

A deficient or imbalanced diet on the other hand, can lead to health problems, poor performance and reduced profitability for the farmer.

To ensure a good balance in the feeding of cows, it's important to consider their nutritional requirements, as well as the quality and availability of the feed ingredients. 

A nutritionist or a feeding specialist can help formulate a TMR that meets the specific needs of the cows based on factors such as: their age, weight, breed, stage of lactation or gestation, and the environmental conditions.

The video of cows eating TMR highlights the importance of having a good balance in the feeding of livestock as it contributes to their health, productivity, and profitability. It also shows the benefits of using a TMR system, which allows for accurate feeding and reduces feed waste, labor, and cost.