Tommy O'Harte Article

 Wed, 12th Oct, 2022

Nice article here from speaking with new entrant to dairy, Mr Tommy O’Harte.

Agriland made the trip to just outside Clones in Co. Monaghan to speak to new entrant to dairy, Tommy O’Harte.

Tommy, who up until last year ran a well-known suckler enterprise made up predominately of Limousins, decided that after a period of the farm recording a loss, the next move for the farm was to switch to dairy.

Tommy said: “It got to a stage where it wasn’t making sense to continue how we were operating and as such, we made the decision to move to dairy.

“Coming from heavy ground, there were times when the sucklers, as they were big cows, that they would be indoors during the summer months some years if any wet weather came”.‘

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